Domestic Violence in today's society is not tolerated, regardless if you are the Mother, Father, or Child; there is zero tolerance for their violent behavior. Taking steps to stop the violence in your own home is the only way to break the cycle of your children repeating those same mistakes in their families. 

As a child you are taught behaviors that are "normal" from your parents. If your home is filled with violent or controlling behavior your child will either be continued to replica watches uk be abused by a spouse or loved one, or become the abuser itself. 

The cycle itself is easy to recognize, changing the cycle is up to you. 

A tension build and an argument ensues, yelling and screaming starts, violent behavior, throwing things, hurting you or the children, then guilt, plenty of I am sorry, It won't happen again, and many times after the heat of the time has passed he or she will give guilt gifts, assurances of love for example “if I did not love you I would not act this way? 

What keeps you in the relationship that is harmful? 

Love ,Fear ,Embarrassment ,Low self esteem, and Financial reasons. 

Do you notice any of the following in your family? 

  • Controlling behavior, telling you when and where you can go somewhere. Calling to make sure you are there? 

  • Making you account for all of your time where were you , who were you with, how long were you there? 

  • Controlling the finances and having you account for all of your spending 

  • Belittle, or degrade you constantly, nothing ever appears good enough 

  • Curse, yell, scream or shout, normal conversation ends in an argument 

  • Are you or the children nervous, or afraid when you know that person is coming home? 

  • They have had you alienate all of your family and friends? 

  • They tell you that you are not "allowed" to do something or you must ask for permission (if adult) 

  • Hit, smack, pinch, punch, or bite you 

  • Break things in the house, punching holes in the wall? 

  • Force you to have sexual relations against your will, or make threats if you don’t? 

  • Use and abuse any type of mood or mind-altering substance, i.e., : alcohol, drugs, huffing, and prescription med.? 

  • Is your home in constant tension? 

  • Made threats against you or your children? 

  • Constant manipulations, for some reason they always make it seem your fault for their anger problem? 

What to do if you answered yes to some or all of these questions?

  • Seek out professional help, counselor, women’s shelters or police. 

  • Call your local crisis intervention center so they can direct you to a safe place 

  • Call a friend or family member and talk about it, never keep silent, silence kills. 

  • Set up an intervention meeting for the entire family in a neutral safe place 

  • If you are hurt, call 911; go to your local hospital. 

  • Remove yourself from the situation by going to friend, family or safe house. 

  • Have someone come and stay with you, make sure this person is not going to futher make the situation worse. 

  • Do not confront the person alone, they often look at this as a threat and will strike out. Bring in a family or friend when you talk about it. 

  • Stand firm in your decision to break the cycle, often women will allow the abuser to "scare" them into "not telling" with rolex replica such things as, they will take the kids away, or they will put me in jail or how can you do this to our family. 

What if you are the abuser? 

  • Know that you have a problem, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. 

  • Seek professional help and anger management 

  • Remove yourself from the family once you feel the anger building. 

  • Know your limitations, and that it is not OK to strike out. 

  • Call crisis intervention and ask for help 

  • Know that your actions are not "normal" 

Our Domestic Violence Hotlines 
For immediate crisis intervention, counseling and referrals to emergency shelters and services that are located in your area.

St. Petersburg (Pinellas County):

(727) 471-8087

If you are hurt, call 911; go to your local hospital. 

For emergency shelters and services that are located in your area call:


Our Family Violence Prevention Fund you can call to donate to help those in need of assistance.

St. Petersburg (Pinellas County):

(727) 471-8087