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Court Ordered / Referred self-improvement  Classes and Programs

BayCare’s classes are attended by some self-referred for self improvement as well as from the courts of St.  Petersburg, Tampa, Pinellas County and the surrounding areas.  Court ordered participants will receive a certificate of completion to fulfill their state requirements. We offer a variety of classes to provide for self-improvement and coaching for mixed groups and specifically for men and women’s groups.  These include Anger Management, Domestic Violence, the Batterer’s Intervention Program, Substance Abuse, Shoplifting and Theft Program, and Parenting. Our classes are not over-crowded and take a very informative one on one approach to quickly assure effective training and overall education in the areas needed..

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Substance Abuse

Adult Out Patient Substance Abuse – Educational & Treatment After Care

Anger Management

8 Hour Anger Management Program.  Our program is an ongoing revolving program, so clients may enroll at any point

Domestic Violence 

(Batterers Intervention Program) Men & Women’s

Parenting Class

Parenting/Co-Parenting/Divorce Class, parent education classes

Shoplifting Class

Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Class

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Cognitive Thinking Class

Life Skills Class

Everyday Life Challenges

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