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Parenting, Co-Parenting, & Divorce Class

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Parenting, Co-Parenting & Divorce Classes

Our program is an ongoing revolving program, so clients may enroll at any point and receive 12 consecutive weeks without having to wait for a new class beginning. The themes are developed to be interchangeable and do not need the information obtained in one particular week to build on the next. This allows for flexibility in curriculum and the ability to assist the client’s enrollment and progression at a more expedient rate.  Our classes are attended by those self referred for self-improvement or for the courts.   Call for more information @ (727) 471-8087.

We also offer a 4 hour Parenting Class. 

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Classes Include the Following:

What is a Parent & defining the Parental roles
What is a Healthy Family Unit & Basic Guidelines
Parental safety & dangers to the child
Effects of Media & Outside sources
Education Importance
Stress Management
Encouragement & Productivity vs. Destructive Parenting

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