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SINCE 1997

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BayCare Health Management Counseling Services provide recovery-oriented, outpatient counseling and for Pinellas County residents including adults, children and families, older adults, disabled and criminal or juvenile justice involved adults and youth.

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Let our skilled and caring counselors help you address your individual symptoms to produce long lasting and effective changes. At BayCare, we specialize in such areas as Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Dissociative Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Grief/Loss.


Bring on the healing and reconciliation. Your relationship deserves special attention and help that we specialize in giving! At BayCare, we’ll help you define the foundation of your relationship and help you with conflict resolution, parenting,  relationship effectiveness, and more.


Families are under tremendous pressure in our culture today. We’ll assess your family dynamics and needs and develop solutions that do not single out any one person in the family but actually engage the entire family and empower all of you to be part of the solution.

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