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Family Counseling

Family Counseling & What to Know

Pinellas County families are under tremendous pressure in our culture today. After a full assessment of your family dynamics and needs, we will carefully develop real world solutions that do not single out any one person in the family but rather engage the entire family and empower all of you to be part of the solution, based on your cuture and lifestyle.  Divorce, blended family issues, parenting issues, grief & loss and family structuring needs are all addressed in family counseling. We love families and are honored to become a part of your family support system!

You will find sincerity in our counseling services:
Respect for the uniqueness and cultural differences of each individual.
Excellence in our services.
Safe-haven in a non-judgemental atmosphere.
Practical solutions to non-practical difficulties and situations defined by court systems.
Encouragement for healthy life choices.
Commitment to each and every individual that walks through the door.
Teamwork and collaboration not just legally but with families and support groups.


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What to Expect from Family Counseling

Each unique family home should be a place of safety, comfort, peace and security. Once your evaluation is complete, and a plan is in place, you will find that there is hope to feel safe to engage and trust in the healing process. Family Counseling includes promoting communication, resolving conflicts, boundary setting and family structuring methods that support the parent(s) as the authorities of the home but also helps everyone to support each other.

You can expect your appointments for family counseling in the office to last approximately an hour. You may want to block a little extra time off of your schedule to contend with traffic, etc.

Choose a Date and Time for Your Appointment

Plan to spend a few hours with us, just in case.  Maybe take a day or half day off so your head’s clear and you can focus on issues that need your attention.

Payment for Family Counseling Sessions

We are happy to accept all credit cards and cash for your convenience.  We absolutely do not accept checks.

Set An Appointment for Family Counseling

All that’s left for you to do is to pick a time that works for both of us…let’s get started!

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