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Cognitive Thinking Evaluation

Your Cognitive Thinking Evaluation & What to Know

Court Ordered or Attorney Recommended or Not

We focus on critical thinking tools and techniques for decision making and solving real world personal and business problems, strategies and challenges.  This evaluation allows us to help you focus on your areas that need strengthening for a better over-all outcome in life.  Thinking outside your box will get you a lot further down the road!

What to Bring and What to Expect

Once you’ve completed your paper work online, you can expect to be in the office for approximately an hour. You may want to block a little extra time off of your schedule to contend with traffic, etc. 

Choose a Date and Time for Your Appointment

Plan to spend a few hours with us, just in case.  Maybe take a day or half day off so your head’s clear and you can focus on issues that need your attention.

Bring Your State-Issued ID or Driver’s License

We will make a copy/scan of this.  This something you must have and there’s no workaround.

Bring Any Provisional Documentation Requests

Court papers, probation requirements, attorney requests or any other legal documentation that includes the demographic information of whom we need to be reporting to in your service.  We will make a copy/scan of these.   If you don’t need these things, forget about it!

Payment for the Cognitive Thinking Evaluation

We are happy to accept all credit cards and cash for your convenience.  We absolutely do not accept checks.

Set Up a Cognitive Thinking Evaluation

All that’s left for you to do is to pick a time that works for both of us…let’s get started!