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Substance Abuse Evaluation

Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluations St. Petersburg

Who needs a Substance Abuse Evaluations in St. Petersburg or Pinellas County?

  • Persons with criminal charges
  • Clients mandated to treatment for addiction
  • Clients with mental health disorders
  • Attorneys hoping to drop or minimize drug related or DUI charges
  • Dependency cases where a parent could lose custody of their child
  • Attorneys that want a second opinion after an assessment with a different agency
  • Probation officers looking for treatment for their client
  • Individuals curious about whether or not they have a drinking or other drug problem
  • Criminal Defense, State, Divorce/Family Cases, & Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Repeat Drug Offenders
    Court Cases Involving: criminal charges, psychological trauma, injury, families, dependency issues, mental illness, pre-trial diversion, repeat drug offenders and more

How do St. Petersburg Substance Abuse Evaluations help?

Research proves to us again and again that recidivism rates drop significantly for offenders when they attend treatment for addiction. Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system knows that it becomes a revolving door for repeat offenders. When substance users or people with mental illness are incarcerated instead of treated for they are more likely to relapse and commit another crime. This vicious cycle not only costs the U.S. billions of dollars, but more importantly is a major public safety issue.

With an evaluation an attorney can present to a judge that a person has a substance use problem or mental illness and needs treatment. An attorney can request that charges are dropped or lessened if their client completes treatment successfully. When someone is evaluated and determined to have a chemical dependency the next step is to get them treatment.

BayCare Health Management recommends the least restrictive form of treatment possible. We provide direct intensive outpatient services. We also work closely with numerous residential programs in the community and connect clients with inpatient services as needed

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Fact surrounds St. Petersburg Substance Abuse Evaluations

  • Used in Court, Probation, Parole & Correctional Settings
  • 92-98% validity and reliability
  • Effective with incarcerated offenders – federal, state, & local
  • Identifies if a substance use disorder DOES NOT or DOES exist (even with other mental health symptoms present)
  • Objective, highly accurate, and evidence based.
  • Not subjective or opinion based.

If you are looking for assistance and need a substance abuse evaluation in St Petersburg, FL or in the surrounding Pinellas County areas, contact an experienced counselor from BayCare Health Management at (727) 471-8087 today.